Electronics 1
An On-Line Approach

Offered by CCAC as EET201

This site holds files, solution sets and other support for the EET201 class.
The items needed will be specified by your Blackboard site for the specific section being offered.

The course is made up of a series of lessons. Each lesson will contain work with text material from the text book, from "white papers", lab activities both real world and Multisim. Calculations will be modeled both with pencil and paper and within the MathCad program. The math becomes easier with MathCad.

Labs will be provided as DOC files some with Multisim additions. You can read these labs on the computer if you wish, but it may be awkward while working with the meters etc.
We will not be going chapter by chapter in the text but rather will be "cherry picking" topics to showcase specific applications of electronnics fundamentals.
The course will have three Mandatory Saturdday sessions for hands on work. The dates, times and locations will be announced later. They will be near the end of April 2010.

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