Instructor:                                                Semester/Session: Fall 2008



Course Number: EGR100                                                               

Course Title:  Engineering Seminar         

Course Credits:       

Lecture hours:             1          Lab hours:       0            Other hours:         0

Pre-requisite(s):       None

Co-requisite(s):         None

Course Description:

This course prepares students for careers in Engineering and Technology.  Assigned problems acquaint the student with methods for solving practical engineering problems.  Films and guest lectures delineate the work of graduate engineers in each of several professions.


Learning Outcomes:   


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the chosen field by selecting the appropriate courses for the time at CCAC.


The student will develop an understanding and appreciation of engineering and technology as a people driven profession based in practice.


The student will demonstrate the use of the engineering method in problem solving.


The student will develop Their skills in calculator operations and construction of engineering graphs.



The student will demonstrate team work in their classroom participation





                                                                    Section     Dates               Days        Time                 Room

Class Section(s) Time & Location:        IN71         9-2-08 to end of term        all on-line




P. Cunningham

Office Hours:

On-line only



Office Location:


E-Mail Address:


Materials and Resources:                                   

Required Text(s):

None – materials on-line or on class CD

Required Materials:


Recommended Text(s):


Audio-Visual Materials:

Blackboard site for  ERG100-01-Cunningham

Directed Study:


Open Lab, Tutoring, etc.


Teaching Methods:


As an internet course the primary mode will be on-line.  Some additional web sites and video lecture will be provided.  If a DSL or cable modem is not available please contact the instructor as some CD materials may be available to by pass the band width problem.




Evaluation Plan:

Each class/lesson will have an equal weight. Completion of class activities is rated on a 10 point scale.  The points values below will determine your letter grade.  This involves completing all on-line quizzes correctly on the Blackboard system.  Partial completion will result in partial points!  Some quizzes will be scored immediately, others may require the instructor to score portions.




120- 139


100 - 119




89 or less



Other Policies and Procedures:


Preparation Time:

To succeed in this class, you must log into the system and do the activities.  This may be done once a week or several lessons may be done at one setting.  You may complete the course early.



Plagiarism and Cheating:

Dishonest work on examinations or assigned work is a serious offense.  Students caught cheating on exams or assignments will be taken to the Dean of Students for appropriate disciplinary action. Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in class failure.



Any Additional Policies:

All students are expected to log on at least once each week. If emergency conditions arise such as a broken computer or loss of Internet, you must contact the instructor at once.  Access may always be gotten on campus or at your local library.  Announcements regarding the course will normally be placed on the Blackboard site.  Email will be sent to your account.


The instructor has the right to change an assignment either through written or verbal communication.  Changes made and announced on the web site supersede any previously given directions.  It is the responsibility of the student to record and execute any changes.  Students should contact the instructor during office hours or by Email if they encounter a problem with the lessons.


An incomplete (I) for the course will be given with the instructor's permission only.  The student must request the incomplete grade.  A student is never to assume that an incomplete grade will automatically be given by the instructor.  Once approved, an Agreement for Incomplete Grade form must be filled out and signed by both the instructor and student.  The (I) grade will be changed to an (F) grade if the student fails to complete the required work on or before the designated due date.



Students with Disabilities:

The Community College of Allegheny County makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  Questions about services and procedures for students with disabilities should be directed to the Office of Supportive Services at your campus.


Course Outline Corrections:

During the semester/session, reasonable changes to the course outline may be academically appropriate. Students will be notified of these adjustments by the instructor in a timely manner.

¨ Course Plan:




Learning Activities



Lesson 1

Introduction, SWOT, Time management


Review the EGR 100 Lesson 1 PowerPoint. Link to the SWOT analysis website. Link to the Time Management website.

Complete a SWOT assessment.

Quiz 1

Lesson 2

TI-83 Calculator Basic Functions


Review the EGR 100 Lesson 2 PowerPoint. . Link to the TI-83 calculator help page.

Do basic calculations on the TI-83 calculator

Quiz 2

Lesson 3

TI-83 Calculator and X keys


Review the EGR 100 Lesson 3 PowerPoint. Link to the TI-83 calculator help page.

Do X key calculations on the TI-83 calculator

Quiz 3

Lesson 4

TI-83 Calculator and Triangles


Review the EGR 100 Lesson 4 PowerPoint. Link to the TI-83 calculator help page.

Do triangle calculations on the TI-83 calculator

Quiz 4

Lesson 5

Engineering Method and Scientific Method

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 5 PowerPoint.


Quiz 5

Lesson 6

Engineering Methods and Heuristics

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 6 PowerPoint. Link to the Hard Rock Mining Industry webpage.


Quiz 6

Lesson 7

Engineering Methods and Ethics

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 7 PowerPoint. Link to the Tacoma Narrows . Link to the Hyatt Regency. Link to Challenger Disaster Website

Watch Tacoma Narrows Bridge Video

Quiz 7


Lesson 8

Spectrum of Engineering

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 8 PowerPoint. Link to CCAC’s website for Engineering Technology

List 4 programs in Engineering Technology available at CCAC

Quiz 8

Lesson 9

Your Career Choices


Review the EGR 100 Lesson 9 PowerPoint. Link to a website that gives PE information.

Search for ABET accredited schools in the Pittsburgh area

Quiz 9

Lesson 10

Controlling Your Career

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 10a PowerPoint. Watch the EGR 100 Lesson 10b PowerPoint.

Complete a tentative schedule for your degree at CCAC.

Quiz 10

Lesson 11

Problem Solving and Reporting

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 11 PowerPoint.


Quiz 11

Lesson 12

Working an Example

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 12 PowerPoint.

Do Land fill example. Do Electric car feasibility example.

Quiz 12

Lesson 13

Engineering Graphics – the importance of graphs

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 13 PowerPoint.


Quiz 13

Lesson 14

Linear Graphics

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 14 PowerPoint.

Create a linear graph.

Quiz 14

Lesson 15

Non-linear Graphics and Graphic Analysis

Review the EGR 100 Lesson 15 PowerPoint.

Create a non linear graph.

Quiz 15