Introduction to Engineering Technology
An On-Line Approach

Offered by CCAC as SET100

This site holds files, solution sets and other support for the SET100 class.
The items needed will be specified by your Blackboard site for the specific section being offered.

Lesson 1: MathCad and Electrical Appplications

MathCad White Paper

Addition Slide Rule Part 1 Part 2
Greek Letters and MSWord Fonts

Building a Slide Rule White Paper
Graphhic files for Slide Rule Part 1 and Part 2

Engineering Problem Set 1

Engineering Problem Set 2
Each of these have a project to hand in for grading.

Lesson 2: Appllications of the Number e

Thermometer Scales
Temperature Cooling
Heat, Power, and Energy
Engineering Problems Set 3

Engineering Problems Set 4

Test 1
Lesson 3: Civil & Mechanical Engineering Technology Topics
Hook's Law
Stretch in a Cable
Measure of Angles
Building a theodalite
Trig Functions Revisited
Cranes and Signs

Engineering Problem Set 5

Engineering Problem Set 6

Lesson 4: Process Control Tecchnology
Installing the PLC Simulator
Engineering Problem Set 7
Test 2
Lesson 5: Solar Engineering Technology & the Green Thing

Engineering Problem Set 8
Technical Report
Lesson 6: Nanotechnology
Crystal Structure
Nanotubes and Bucky Balls
Internet Research on Nano topic (Short Report)
Building a Bucky Ball

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