Introduction to Electronics
An On-Line Approach

Offered by CCAC as EET103

This site holds files, solution sets and other support for the EET103 class.
The items needed will be specified by your Blackboard site for the specific section being offered.

Lesson 1:
Introduction and Problem sets
Assigned Problems Sample 1

Text Based Problems

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5

How to Solve Problems a Pro

Lesson 2: Resistance and Ohmís Law

Prob3-7 and 11
Circuits and Measurements Down load and print this word document.
Ohmís Law Download and print this word document.
You can read these labs on the computer if you wish, but it may be awkward while working with the meters etc.
List of Lab items in Kit

Lesson 3
White Papers: these are a series of papers written to convey what I might have said in a lecture on the subject. they give a different perspective on the topics. They may be read on the screen or printed out as you choose.

Text Book Problems ( The odd numbered problems have answers in the back of the text.)
Problems 4-4 and 4-6
and 4-8 and 4-10

The Problem Set Print out this document and work the problems off line. The complete worked out answers are available below.

You will have a Mid-term exam at the conclusion of Lesson 3!

Lesson 4
This lesson is lab intensive. There are three lab sheets. Three are Kitchen Table Labs (KTL) and one is based on using Multisim. Your first lab report will be written on the Multisim activity. Read the white Paper on "How to Write a Lab Report". Your Quiz will involve questions based on the electronics topics, Use of Multisim, use of the Ohms feature of the digital multimeter (DMM), and features a report must have.
Support Files:
How to write a lab report
Resistors Lab Part 1
Resistors Lab Part 2
The Voltage Divider
Kirchoff's Laws The Multisim Lab

Multisiim files for Kirchoff's Lab.
Part 1 circuit
Part 2 circuit
Part 3 circuit
Multisim Resources:
Review these files on a high speed connection they approach 20 Meg in some cases.

Multisim Video Tutorials
Multisim Getting Started Guide
Multisim User Manual (PDF)
Multimedia of conversion of Part 1 Schematic to Part 2 note - file is about 27 Meg use high speed connection only.

Lesson 5 Batteries and Wiring
White Paper on Battery Sizing
Internal Resistance of Cells
Building a solar Electric Systems
Solar Calculator
Solutions to Chapter 12
Article on Battery Industry

Lesson 6

As stated on blackborad we will be "cherry picking" topics for the next lessons to showcase specific applications of the electronnics fundamentals we have learned.
There are two textbook assignments:

Read Chapter 16 ith emphasis on 16-1 to 4 and 16-7. The remainder is for background. On page 521 do problem #16-1.

Read chapter 22 4 to 22-12. Work out problems 22-10, 11, 12, 13, 24. Solutions are contained in the file Solutions Set
Mathcad files
RC charging equations
RC discharge equations
White Paper
Capacitors and RC Time
MultiSim Files
RC Timing Experiment

Lesson 7

This lesson has several white papers each having both reallab work and computer simulations.
I have also included a few Mathcad files that are optional additions.

Multisim Fiiles
this file will give you a look at the typical circuit.

This file demonstrates the use of a diode with the 555 to control duty cycle.

This file demonstrates the use of a variable resistor to control duty cycle, could be used for motor control.

These files are a series of wave form demonstrations.
Sine Wave
Triangle Wave
Pulse Waves

The diode demonstration is in this file. Diode Demonstration

A power supply demonstration.
Power Supply Circuit

White papers
time Varying Signals
Solid State Devices
The Diode and the Power Supply

MathCad Files 555 Astable Equations
555 Variable Astable Equations

Solutions for Lesson 7

555 video demonstration
this video demonstration requies a Shock Wave Flash add on to your browser. In many cases it will have been installed when the browser was installed. The advantage to shock wave is that it begins to play right away as the 10 Meg downloads. This video will repeat automatically unless you stop it. If it will not play, the exact same material is in the file below as an AVI file. this is about 15 Meg and must be downloaded before it can be played.
555 demo in AVI form

Lesson 8: Operational Amplifiers

Whhite Paper White Paper on Operational Amplifiers
Problem Sets
Problems for Lesson 8
Problem Solutions for Lesson 8
Labs Op Amp Labs
Multisim File for NonInverting Amp
Multisim File for Inverting Amp

This is the last lesson when completed you should take the final exam.
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